Battle of the Beltway to Analyst at Deloitte Consulting

Erik Haug

Federal S&O Consulting Analyst, 2011

George Washington University


Deloitte’s Battle of the Beltway Federal Consulting Case Competition is a great opportunity to gain exposure to the consulting industry, and develop core business skills within a collegial, professional environment. This is a unique event, and I highly recommend that every student compete. Personally, studying Economics and International Affairs did not require significant presentation/group work, or exposure to the “business world.” I tried to proactively develop these skills through other avenues, and the Battle of the Beltway was one of the most challenging and rewarding “real world” learning experiences I participated in while in school.

During the competition, we were able to gain practical business insights through interactions with Deloitte practitioners, analyze a real Federal Consulting case, practice presentation and teamwork skills, and receive constructive feedback on our approach. As a result, I was able to confidently interview for a Deloitte Summer Scholar position, and what I learned about Deloitte and consulting during the case completion was fundamental to receiving an offer.

A key advantage of participating is being able to leverage what you learned as a basis for having interesting and relevant conversations during the interview process. It can be difficult to understand Deloitte’s Federal Consulting practice, but the competition helped clarify the mission driven environment to bring private sector strategy and business processes to the public sector, making a tangible impact on our government. I found this to be an attractive and applicable profession for many different academic backgrounds, from International Relations and Economics to Finance and Marketing. Also, the real world experience of working through the consultative process allowed me to develop a much better understanding for how to handle case interviews. This includes knowing how to identify key objectives, issues, and present a logical solution in a clear, compelling manner – all important aspects of consulting that you experience during the Battle of the Beltway.

In addition, the top teams (we were fortunate enough to place first) proved that they had the potential to successfully operate within the consulting environment, which gave us significant credibility during our career search. Success in Deloitte’s Battle of the Beltway puts a respected brand on your resume that certainly stands out during the recruiting process, and regardless of outcome, is one of the best, real world business learning experiences available on campus.

Regardless of if you think Deloitte Consulting is the career path for you, I don’t think there’s any downside to participating in the competition – if anything, you’ll learn a lot, meet great people, bond with your teammates, and confirm whether or not  a consulting career is something you want to pursue.


Battle of the Beltway Experience

Margot Kaplan

Federal S&O Summer Scholar, 2011

American University

When I signed up for Deloitte Battle of the Beltway Federal Case Competition in the Fall of 2010, I had no case competition experience or federal consulting knowledge, but I knew the experience would be a great way to learn about both. Upon receiving the case, my team and I discovered that we were in charge of developing a new governance structure for our client complete with our assumptions and challenges. I felt a bit intimidated and unqualified to know where to begin; however, my team and I came up with an approach that we were proud of and presented our recommendations to university professors and faculty and a Deloitte practitioner.

Looking back, I see this case competition as my first real interaction with consulting and the public sector. One of the challenges of this case competition is gaining a clear understanding of the client. While commercial organizations may be easier to comprehend, government entities have complicated structures and processes. We had to be both creative and logical with the information we were given to develop a final solution.

While working in federal consulting is challenging, it is also rewarding. The clients are the backbone of the United States government, in control of sending our citizens to war, ensuring a sense of public security, and keeping people united across the nation. It is incredibly interesting to learn how these organizations work and fulfilling to realize that solving their problems gives back to the country as a whole.

Participating in the Battle of the Beltway prepared me for my experience as Summer Scholar, Deloitte’s position as an undergraduate intern. Because it was my first involvement in the firm, it gave me an opportunity to meet practitioners and learn about team collaboration and support. I joined a Navy Reserves Finance Transformation Project this summer; although it was a bit daunting at first, my project team became a great resource to gain knowledge about the client. The case competition is a great way to get a taste for Deloitte Federal Consulting and the results they produce for government clients.

Summer Scholar Perspective on Deloitte Consulting

Tom Davidson

Deloitte Federal S&O Summer Scholar, 2011

American University  

My name is Tom Davidson and I am a senior at American University majoring in Political Science and Pre-Law. I had the opportunity this past summer to be a Strategy and Operations Summer Scholar in Deloitte’s Federal Consulting practice. Prior to this past summer, I believed that consulting was reserved for business and finance majors. However, I have found many other degrees provide fitting skill sets for the profession, including my own.

I must admit at the start of Deloitte’s Summer Scholar program I was intimidated by many aspects of the internship. How could I do well without knowing the business lingo or without taking business classes? Would I fall behind my peers as they excelled with their superior knowledge of the business world?  Fortunately, my reservations were mostly unfounded and I discovered Deloitte was a network of individuals, each who brought something unique to the table. Deloitte is in the business of people and having a workforce full of diverse ideas and unique perspectives is one of the firm’s strongest assets.

What makes the Deloitte experience unique is the investment placed on developing the talents of each and every practitioner, which made my transition into the world of consulting not only exciting, but intellectually stimulating. There are boundless opportunities for self-development and growth making success possible for anyone who has intellectual drive and healthy work ethic. My personal drive was the strongest catalyst for my success this past summer, but I found that many of the skills I learned in the classroom and picked up interning at non-profits served me well. Possessing strong critical thinking skills gained from a liberal arts education and having an eye for detail can be leveraged in an array of careers, especially consulting.

I started college thinking I would earn my Political Science degree and go straight into Federal government. In many senses I have, but not in the manner I first envisioned. I get the best of both worlds building my experience in private industry while serving the Federal government at the same time. Over the summer I worked every day on site at the FDA helping improve the opportunities for its workforce to develop and achieve its mission. The Deloitte FDA team provides a critical service to the agency by helping it fulfill its financial obligations in the most efficient manner possible.

In short, my job rocked. My experience at Deloitte was fulfilling in every way possible by allowing me to develop new skills while building off my existing talents. So if you’re driven, open to learning new skills, and desire a unique experience joining the ‘Green Dot’ may be the right choice for you.

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